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  Projections and Perceptions
Scientists at St. Andrew's University in Scotland have been slowly releasing a sequence of projections of how various deceased celebrities might look now, were they still with us.

They released this image of John Lennon in October of last year, and this image of Elvis Parsley over the weekend.

Perception Labs is an appropriate name for this project: I can't help observing that their image of Lennon is far more flattering than the image of Parsley --points to the sensitive side-lighting in the Lennon pic and highlights Parsley's much ruddier complexion with toothpick. But please compare the projections for yourselves and let me know what you think :)

Could it be that the scientists involved are inclined towards a cultural bias that affects their future projections?

Well, unless you're Rohit Gupta (and therefore well-known to millions), none of us will be affected by such bias --which gives you all the more reason to try a limited version of the software yourself at this URL:

Wonder, I wondered whether I could foresee my face a few decades from now and went to Perception Lab, where they ask for a current photo.

I peeked into my pictures folder on the PC. There was an old mughot that used to appear in my column...and guess what had happened?!!!

Actually, don't guess. Let's just call it the Dorian Gray Effect. We don't want any rumour-mills going, now do we?
*laughing* I wouldn't be surprised my friend --reminds me of Dylan's classic song (as manifesto) My Back Pages ---"Ah, but I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now."
Have you tried submitting a baby picture?
Aish, that is precisely what doesn't make sense to me. I was a cute child, but today I'm an ugly man. No one wants to adopt me now.
I'd adopt you --if you stopped wetting the bed, man.

heh heh
Aww...I know how you feel. How did I get old and ugly?
hahahaha... VERY curious how u look 20 yrs hence Fadereu! do u have a bald pate like me? ;-)
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