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  New JimStuph
James R. Norton and Rohit Gupta go back a long, virtual way. He'd been working for Al Franken's radio stuph through the presidential election in the US, and now he writes:

"After an 8-month drought, I've managed to write a
couple new short stories. Merely surviving the
election seemed to do the trick."

If you guys have never read Jim Norton's crisp, deli-fresh, mindfucks served like a helical twist of words, check out these shorts -

A New Line Of Work


The Sea Change
During rabies the virus tells the brain to attack the body. What if I stop the brain via a coma, so it doesn't attack the body while the immune system kills off the virus? That would be so cool, right?

This actually happened. You can read about it here.

From boing boing:

Rabies is not 100% fatal (to humans) if you have shown symptoms, but all previous survival cases DID receive the vaccine after symptoms had shown. This was the first case of survival without the vaccine.

That's what I call a nice, system hack.
  Ukrainian Oranges
Don't know if you guys are following the Ukraine elections, but I think they are fascinating. This is the year of democracy all over the world, it seems. Everywhere we are seeing the emrgence of clear-conflict. The message is totally clear to me - minorieties are as important as majorities. Conflict is not an option, collaboration is necessary.

Supreme Court of Ukraine Just Issued a Decision

that the results announced by the Central Election Commitee cannot be considered final until they are reviewed by the court. The review will occur on Monday
  PC Fixxer
Consider this post as an advertisement for my computer engineer - Nilesh Melekar. I say this because Nilesh totally rocks.

I've used his services for over an year now, and I've found him to be a rare kind of guy - honest, sincere, hard-working and he is actually shy about charging money. I often have to force cash on him because he refuses to take it from me.

Now Nilesh is leaving his day job to go freelance, and I support him in that decision. My token help is this - you guys. You ever feel the need for a no-bullshit guy to fix your PC? Call Nilesh Melekar - 98192 84955 or email:

I'd trust him completely. Anytime. And if I were you, I'd try to make him famous within a small community by blogging him.
From the Wikipedia entry for this new language.

# hax0r, "hacker", where the symbols are used to draw rough approximations to letters: >< is an "x", |2 is an "r". It is possible that the substitution of "ck" with "x" is a linguistic nod to the Greek letter chi. Also, Haxor is sometimes found as "Haxxor", as symbols for "x" are often doubled.
# h4x, "hacks"
# rox0rs, "rocks"
# sux0rz, "sucks", as in "s|_|x0rz my n|_|tz0rz" when one feels pity for someone else, or when angry
# suxxor, some other person considered unfriendly; also used in friendly name calling among gamers
  BitchFest begins before scheduled time
And this one's for telling me to shut up, motherfuckers.
  You May Say I'm A Dreamer
But I'm not only a dreamer.

I'm an engineer, friend, lover, seeker, writer, electrician, employer, servant, dragon, bitch, artist, alcoholic, cyber-libertarian, hacker, blogger, patient, child of time, author, inventor, loser, genius, madman, nobody, everyone, people, worker, traveler, mediator, user, instrument, wacko, son, brother, columnist, game-player, hyperdocument of human history, nothing, everything.

I'm all of the above and more.
India, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland - 5/201 countries represented so far. And counting....

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