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  Ukrainian Oranges
Don't know if you guys are following the Ukraine elections, but I think they are fascinating. This is the year of democracy all over the world, it seems. Everywhere we are seeing the emrgence of clear-conflict. The message is totally clear to me - minorieties are as important as majorities. Conflict is not an option, collaboration is necessary.

Supreme Court of Ukraine Just Issued a Decision

that the results announced by the Central Election Commitee cannot be considered final until they are reviewed by the court. The review will occur on Monday
u must be out of ur head to think tht this is the year of democracy ?u do know tht the disastrous u.s elections that took place this year !this is what happens when 2o stupid million ctizens are given a chance to make world a better place they fuck it by choosin bush !anycase kerry was not my blue-eyed boy either!
am completely loosin faith in democracy maybe fractile democracy wud work !!!!!!!!!!but again how can u separate ppl from their ideas .
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