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  Xanadu Responds!
I got back from a Diwali party, scared to open my mail, and I didn't. I went to sleep and then I woke up a few hours later, scared to open my mail. So, I made tea. Then I checked my mail.

I had a mail from Professor Ted Nelson. If you aren't aware of who he is, perhaps it is time. Anyway, he wrote:

Hi Rohit. Nice to hear from you again (that was you that wrote me
a couple of years ago, wasn't it)? I'm pleased that Larry Lessig steered you toward me. Congratulations on your journey toward the truth !-)

I've looked at your blog-noveland found the permission at the bottom.*§
It's not exactly transcopyright, since
- it relies on personal contact
- it's limited in quantity

The systems I'm working on (Transcopyright and Transliterature)
will I hope make these things a little simpler. Please watch my pages, which I hope will be better very soon.

I hadn't even dreamed that he would reply. Funnily enough, I don't remember writing to him a couple of years ago, and then again, I might have. I have written letters to so many people I admire, never expecting that they'd reply back. Only, secretly hoping...

  Cloak Room - The Alternative Reality Game
Ladies & Gentlemen,

India's first SMS Novel is now also a game!

"This is the story of Rita, who carries a vital piece of information that will change the future of India. It is written by RoGue, but controlled by you. The author wants her do die in the end, can you save her?

After each chapter, you suggest an alternate course for the story, via comments, and fight the author!

*Every response counts...but anonymous comments may be ignored*
  Spam Poetry IX - "Forms"
Don't wait any longer.
Mister's busy,' the receiver
Form request
Form submission
  Spam Poetry VIII - "Enlargement"
washing them, 'if they'd
sat next to him
filled with grief,
Dig in, lads!

you righdy, you're hinting
good night. And when
barmen, 'A nice little
it to the police,

Penis enlargement pills
assure you, Let's take
  Spam Poetry VII - "The Last Rolex Poem"
sturgeon he
strengthless, that he would
His powers of observation
two thoughts pierced the
...Imitation Rolex
  Spam Poetry VI - " The Editor's Choice"
the editor was now Adela
No Compromise
Wear only ROLEX

new typescript of
the painted floor to
Rolex Yachtmaster Watch

entrance into the summer
Well, let's say, bye
Most assuredly,responded
We look forward
Rolex Oyster Watch

Rolex, Cartier, Frank Mueller,
Bretling for sale
to crack, and he Leah
Your Application is Confirmed

shoulder equipped home
Yet what remained completely
of Your application?
  Spam Poetry V - "Replicas of Rolex"
Rolex designer replicas
citizen muttered venomously
psychiatrist Auguste Forel, who
and hundreds of people
Welcome details

second freshness, that means
Rolex Date
just Watch Gilliam
Sweetheart wants a Rolex ?

couldn't get rid of Dougherty
Pyramid system assures you 10,00$ !!

not money. She loved
General Information
say no more, I
  Spam Poetry IV "Raymond's Dead"
this is one of Raymond:
Urgent Security Notice
We look forward
Request Support

embellishing the story with
further assistance
the room with the
Online Krause
money in Kaifa's palace,

chain got very quickly
Your Status Rush
He would fall silent,

Your Inquiry
map. And then she
bared teeth was no
Request Status
  Spam Poetry III - " Return Of The Rolex"
Good heavens. Queen!

This is to inform you
well! Namely, within
there appeared by the
Dysmas, on the second

Re: the things we say
$5O meant motor
the yarn Varenukha was

Re: the visitor's, from
only towards evening, and
Rolex was never so cheap
  Spam Poetry II - "Procurator"
A dusty cloud covered
where to go, what
that his face became
Re: could be seen on
Re: light -- the findirector
The procurator asked him
Re: tell him about it?
said you'd be home
But suddenly spring came
Fw: postgraduate
  Spam Poetry I - "Rolex"
The cat, aiming accurately
and that over the
Re: and become parables themselves,
Replica Rolex Swiss Watches
pushing against the counters,
First class, single, I'll
Buy 5 Rolex and get shipping Free
Today, I was confused. So I made LinkMyMind, a tool to extract signals from noise.
  Arrival Of The Mobs
Start watching. The smart mob has arrived.

We look at the present through a rear-view mirror. We march backwards into the future.
– Marshall McLuhan

It's insane, how much power a penniless man has.

RoGue has started writing India's first SMS-friendly novel, Cloak Room, and he needed a promo deal with this company. Yesterday he went to meet the CEO, a complete stranger, and to strike a business deal with him.

RoGue told him why and how this was going to change the nature of media in this country, put the publishing in the hands of the people. RoGue's sincerity somehow worked, he told him he used to be a spammer who was now being screwed by big networks. They wanted to control spam, in the sense that, they wanted to control the money that is to be made by spamming.

By the end of the afternoon, the guy just gave us what we wanted - for FREE.

India, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland - 5/201 countries represented so far. And counting....

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