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Many of the charming but jobless folk who read this blog have been requesting more news about the delectable Emmet Cole. Well, if you're already here honey, you know you deserve better. So, guess what?

Emmet Cole is now here. RoGue and EmCol are going to BloGue together. We might change the name of this institution to accomodate his Irish blood, which I'm told, is Guiness. And you will request a nude picture of him sooner or later, so I already give you. Manga, to detaa!

Please give him a huge round of applause and welcome the New Whorled Order. This is an order!
hmmm... welcome.
*waves at Emmet, who probably does not remember who she is.*
Still teasing out the inner workings of blogspot --only now am I able to comment on a comment. commenting on a comment --it's like some postmodern nightmare! heh heh

Thanks for saying Hi! *should that be 'high'?! :)

Ash, did you work at Mid-Day or are you a 'Bounder'?

A bounder...a quiet one.

Your secret is safe with me Ash :)
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