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I'm deeply troubled by the recent killing of Dutch film-maker Theo Van Gogh. He was an extreme liberalist who constructed explosive cinematic and textual images against Islam and it's abuse of women. At the same time, he constantly called the Moroccan community "geitenneukers" or goatfuckers. He was killed by a youth of Moroccan descent. Muslim women took to the streets in Amsterdam protesting the killing, which involved several stabs and verses of the Q'uran.

The West needs to hear the voice of those Muslims who do not want to be identified alongside extremist forces that have, sadly, co-opted an ancient religion as it's facade. Dalrymple thinks the backlash is largely due to issues of dominance and sexual gratification:

Religious sanction for the oppression of women (whether theologically justified or not) is hence the main attraction of Islam to young men in an increasingly secular world. This explains why a divide often opens between brothers and sisters in the same European Muslim family; the sisters want liberty, but the brothers enforce the old rules. They have to, or the whole gratifying system breaks down.

I'm not sure I agree with Mr. Dalrymple, as much as I do with Robert Spencer:

No one really knows how many Muslims in Europe and America hold the views of the Moroccan woman at the rally, and how many would side with van Gogh's killer.

If Western countries continue, out of ignorance, fear, or narrow self-interest, to refuse to find out, they will find themselves playing host to many more incidents like the bloody scene in Amsterdam. And the more likely it becomes that the killing of van Gogh will be the first of many.

When will the West realise that their attitude feeds this bloodshed in history's longest running feedback loop since the fucking Crusades! Why can't the world see that Islamism is not terrorism. A few extremist rebels do not Islam make, in the same vein as Frank Zappa: "If I had a wooden leg, would that make me a table?"

Most countries that seem to be democratic have only democratic facades and ways of making politics seem populistic in nature. I restate my opinion that periodic elections are not enough to make a country democratic. They are but a snapshot, while opinion is like a motion picture.

Following the film-maker's death, the Dutch government has tightened it's liberalist policies and intends to make everyone pass a citizenship test. This is a bad move, O Men Of Jesus.
have returned to this place after a pretty long term (in blog-days, i mean), and was a bit sprised at the changes.. we have a new contributor, i c, but guys, its difficult to know who's the author of which piece, as the name does not appear under each post as it used to, earlier.. anyway u cud fix dat?
PS: somehow, being a hindu is reassuring in the midst of this christian-jew-muslim imbroglio.
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