Some Such Name
  Low Flying Astronaut
What's common to "carthographic sadism, gabber avant-gardism, experimental knowledge, DIY urbanism, autonomous spacetravel, gymnosophistic delight, disco socialism, peripatetic hedonism" and Some Such Name?

You will remember we linked to a brilliant essay by a sharp Netherlander a few days ago. An old biographical note on the author says:

Most known for his years long affiliation with the independent space travel cabal called Jungle Association of Association of Autonomous Astronauts, the activities of Wilfried Hou Je Bek reach the entire spectrum of culture hacking. Micro publications, multi-source poly-style dj-sets, spoken word performances, experimental city walks, web based projects dubbed 'applied literature' like the 'Waren de Friezen Kosmonauten?' last December.

Please welcome Wilfried Hou Je Bek, noted Dutch psychogeographer and .walker.

Now do you hear me, God?!
hi Rohit, thanks for inviting me to co-blog here, but beware that I'm not a LISP-hacker (where did you get that?) I do tinker in Python though. The bio is also really really old. it feels old anyway, just like the picture
Welcome Wilfried! (from a fellow pedestrian :) )
wilfried, I've edited the entry. I got the lisp-hacker bit from this website:
Welcome, Wilfried.

(This really is getting international...)
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