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  How We Are Hungry, stories by Dave Eggers
If you guys haven't heard of Dave Eggers, it's time now to get the preggers by reading his speady existentialist thriller - You Shall Know Our Velocity. In the meantime, here is an excerpt from How We Are Hungry:

"If a soldier were killed and mutilated in his own country, the man would not feel this kind of revulsion. He doesn't feel this way when he hears about trains colliding, or a family, in Missouri, drowning in their minivan in a December lake. But this, in another part of the world, this soldier dragged from his car, this soldier alone, this dead unbloody body in the dust under the truck—why does it set the man on edge, why does it feel so personal? The man at home feels this way too often now. He feels tunneled, wrapped, desiccated. His eyes feel the strain of trying for too long to see in the dark. The man is watching the smoke from the factory, and though there are many things he could do that day, he will do none of them."
Dave Egger's short short stories are excellent too.
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