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  "Hobbits" Imprisoned
Homo Florensis, or 'hobbits', the new specie of hominins that was discovered in Indonesia has been put under lock and key by an arrogant scientist (even if one of the best in Indonesia,) thus blocking access to a major discovery for the other explorers who were also involved in the project:

They may be tiny, but the hobbits -- the extinct one-metre-high human species whose discovery rocked the palaeontology world last month - are provoking a giant barney among Australian and Indonesian scientists.

One of Indonesia's leading palaeontologists, Professor Teuku Jacob of Gadjah Mada University in Jakarta, has grabbed the hobbit remains and locked them away in his safe, refusing to let other scientists study them.

In addition, he rejected the widespread view that the hobbits are a separate human species, claiming they are a pygmy form of modern humans who suffered microcephaly, a disorder that produces a small brain.
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