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Yesterday I ended a two and half-year stint as a columnist for Mid Day, Bombay's leading tabloid. The strange part is that my column was dropped because my remarks offended the editor. The stranger part is that if someone was actually editing this newspaper, my comments would not have made it in print. Strangest part of all - I hacked the system, and they threw me out like a criminal, instead of fixing the bug in the system.

Systems collapse if they behave like that. It's basic control theory.

have to have a bloody password to post with my name in it. but seriously, they threw you out for this???

"Funnily enough, the sales department of this newspaper has forced me to drop my comic strip SOS after the current episode because they’ve already sold more advertising space than they can print for “the season”."
(Mid Day archives)

its almost like you don't even need to have to piss people off these days. anyway, Mid Day, Bombay's leading tabloid's (quote) loss, i suppose...

anyways easier to oil the creaky hinge, even if its rusted to a thin layer of powder, instead of replacing it. (eeky analogy?)--Phal
PS i cant see th comment link on th other blog.
i completely agree wit you phal whoever you are !m sad that the column wil b dropped but not so sad abt the comic-strip(sorry r.g cz knew tht sos was ur baby )n regarding the reason why they fired you well probably they wanted to fire you anyways but could 'nt do so unless they had a good reason so when you bitched abt them they did'nt edit it so tht those remarks cud make it to paper n voila u r fired !!!!!!!!!!(sounds like donald trump on some stupid reality series)
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